Martin Svoboda, Ph.D.

Martin has extensive experience in pharmaceutical research and development. He graduated from Faculty of Natural Sciences, Charles University in Prague and completed  Postdoctoral studies at Pharmaceutical Faculty of Charles University, Hradec Králové (degree in Bioorganic Chemistry - Quantitative and qualitative structure and activity relationship, Research on antifungal and antimycobacterial agents). He gained many years of professional experience at the companies Zentiva and Interpharma Prague. He has published in well-known professional journals and is the co-owner of several patents in the field of drug innovation. 

Martin specializes in pharmaceutical development to solve troubles during formulation development, transfer and production. He focuses on improvement of parameters during the drug dosage form (solid, semisolid, liquid) development or production to achieve required quality of the final product, with the accent on product stability, physical and chemical parameters of the drug dosage form, solubility and bioavailability of the API and process parameters.