About Synavia

Synavia provides a platform for consultation services in the field of pharmaceutical development. We cover all phases of product development and of clinical trials as well as submissions of marketing authorization applications. With keen interest in updates in the EU regulatory environment, hands-on industrial experience and excellent communication skills, we are reliable partners for streamlining your drug product development.

At present, Synavia is headed by Vít Perlík, Martina Nora Odložilíková and Aleš Bartůněk, long-time colleagues whose expertise uniquely combines the in vitro and in vivo worlds. Together they seek straightforward and inventive solutions for the development and subsequent registration of your product.

In synergistic cooperation with other experienced specialists, Synavia is able to address a broad spectrum of pharmaceutical companies` needs. We have detailed knowledge of CTD and the contents of dossiers, including the Active Substance Master File and the Certificate of Suitability. We are ready to take up your writing of a large variety of documents, including (but not limited to) clinical and nonclinical overviews, and quality overall summaries. We are able to evaluate potential strategic and regulatory scenarios for your project and help you in the preparation of meetings with Authorities (Scientific Advice). We are ready to help you with efficient planning, designing and monitoring of your clinical studies.